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Exchange of information was conducted. Sanders and Mr. As a result, Mr. We will start examining the yearthe summer camp [and] continue our efforts in this regard. Following a two and a half hour interview, the CPC submitted a list of additional questions for the anonymous caller to answer.

Of the sixteen inmates mentioned, the three names provided on have yet to be contacted. Toft and problems he had had when he was involved with the Boy Scouts.

funny sex talk pics in Fredericton

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Forbes was relying on him. He reported that, after interviewing the three youth, he was satisfied that they were in fact sexual assault victims. It is important that [we] continue to interview possible victims with the view to determining the full scope of what may have happened in this matter.

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Spink said that the two witnesses insisted on seeing a prepared list of questions before they would agree to provide a statement, and wanted time to prepare answers. Constable Spink concluded his investigation on 20 July after he interviewed Mr.

O'Connor refused to pursue these allegations in court. Records or witnesses will have to be obtained to establish employment at the institution during the time periods specified on the statements. Taking his cue from Mr. She concurred with the writer that because the victims are reluctant witnesses we cannot agree to lay charges.

Funny sex talk pics in Fredericton

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