Reasons against sex education in Washington

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Information for Be Nice. And this school year was the first time OSPI asked districts to self-report whether they offer sex education; only 19 school districts said that they do not. Where have these view led us? She then showed us a styrofoam cup.

Sexual harassment is being tolerated and actually encouraged by the culture that has been fueled by sex being in every day at school. The biology of sex takes ten minutes to teach, so what are the teachers talking about in a five or ten-week course? However, this is almost never taken in the right spirit by parents and students themselves.

Information about STDs It is only through education in schools, that students will get proper and honest information about sexually transmitted diseases. Boys make lewd and demeaning comments and it's treated like no big deal, after all — it's just our homework right?

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Read the bill in full here. Before getting into these, let it be known that these are not points of agreement or disagreement reasons against sex education in Washington us, just a counterpoint for why many parents are so unwilling to relinquish this aspect of parenting. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

It involves other delicate issues like sexual health, sexual reproduction, sexuality and others that parents often feel awkward to talk about with their children. Hence, it becomes the responsibility and the duty of schools to take up this topic, and inform and educate the students about it as much as they can.

Good for these parents to oppose CSE. Graphic details, pornographic images, and inappropriate assignments have become a part of every day.

  • Concerned citizens all over the country are joining the resistance to what the sexual-radical Left calls "comprehensive sex education" CSE. But the Democrats controlling the state Legislature are ignoring the will of the people.
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  • Children need and deserve guidance, not only information.

If, however, as a parent, grandparent, parent-to-be, or non-parent, you are not willing to relinquish that control, then get your petitions here. A total of school districts responded to the mandatory survey. All students prepared for post-secondary pathways, careers, and civic engagement.

Reasons against sex education in Washington

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