Split sex ratios in the social hymenoptera a meta-analysis in Markham

We show that PHS have more differentiated social relationships compared to nonkin, suggesting the existence of kin recognition mechanisms. Environmental complexity, seasonality and brain cell proliferation in a weakly electric fish, Brachyhypopomus gauderio.

MB calyx volumes and bouton numbers positively correlated with body size, whereas bouton density was lower in larger workers. CREB regulation of nucleus accumbens excitability mediates social isolation-induced behavioral deficits.

We combined several methods: 1 searching for references in reviews of the subject Herbers ; Nonacs ab ; Bourke and Franks ; Crozier and Pamilo ; Queller and Strassmann ; Chapuisat and Keller ; Mehdiabadi et al. Hammond et al. Under worker control, these changes in relatedness asymmetry should result in less female-biased sex allocation relative to the case with 1 single-mated queen, and on average, the degree of queen—worker conflict should decrease.

West and M. The relatedness asymmetry in monogyne colonies was inferred to be

Split sex ratios in the social hymenoptera a meta-analysis in Markham

Once foragers leave the nest area, they also learn a number of cues to aid them when returning both back to the nest and to known food sites, using experience of previous trips to navigate on future trips. In the eye of the beholder: Individual differences in perceived social isolation predict regional brain activation to social stimuli.

Darwin's position is ambivalent, although hardly unreasonable. Hormones and Behavior. The compiled results of GPS collar deployments across 17 species by 16 research teams show these technologies can provide advantages, particularly in adding to the quality, quantity, and temporal span of data collection.

Furthermore, we compared the differentiation abilities between two light stimuli that were or were not part of an olfactory-visual compound. Preventive Medicine. Using measures of sensitivity discriminability and bias from signal detection theory, Yamada and Decety found that although the pain was more easily detected in dislikable than likable faces overall, lonely individuals were more sensitive to the presence of pain in dislikable faces than were nonlonely individuals.

Split sex ratios in the social hymenoptera a meta-analysis in Markham

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