Urban dictionary sex lingo in Garden Grove

Dude, that douche totally just Groved me. Another nickname for the grove is The Garden. Because it's a fucking acronym you cause for abortion

urban dictionary sex lingo in Garden Grove

Almost a mainstream practice, to judge from the many entries on the site that cover the subject, but difficult to explain delicately. This is known as "paying tribute". Usually tries to help Kermit the Frog by demonstrating things or selling products to him.

Randomer No. Person 1: Did you hear about Bob's relationship? I'm gonna go party then pass out at The Grove cause it's the place to be.

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Eee-o eleven Sometimes, when someone is unable to have sex with the person they'd choose first — commonly because that person doesn't want to — they may instead make a photograph of that person their second choice. Guy 2 : Let me get a lick of that shit dawg. TSIF

There is a high rate of tax fraud in newport, b. Oh, there was this guy that looked like the comedian Steven Wright that took some doses too, but he was just from Cerritos or something and wasn't with them, and it was his first time too, and kept asking why everyone calls this place " HB " UrbDic UrbDic

Urban dictionary sex lingo in Garden Grove

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  • noun: a city in orange county, california. nothing exciting goes on in garden grove, and life in it is dull. for some reason, asians find the city very attractive and have unfortunately over-populated it. sublime's song 'garden grove' on their self-titled LP is about the same city. A city in orange county California. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see.
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  • Actually called "The Grove" What everyone calls the place to be. Once you stay there, you will never want to leave. Some researchers say, that the grove was originally the Garden of Eden, but that was dismissed when thoughts arose that the Grove is ten times better. Inhabited by two kick-ass gentlemen. IF the Grove, Sub Grove, and Bilson's were somehow combined, it would not only be a force to. Slang (1 matching dictionary) Grove, The Grove: Urban Dictionary [home, info] (Note: See groves for more definitions.) Quick definitions from Macmillan Provided by. Quick definitions from WordNet (grove) noun: garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth.
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  • A Mexican hooker. James: Dude, this new chick I've been dating is a real garden hoe. Sam: That sucks bro. James: I know, I got thorns on my junk when we were doing it by the rose bushes. Perjorative term for the city of Garden Grove, California, due to a previous (and somewhat unfounded) reputation for being a haven for crime, nastiness, and generally bad stuff.
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  • When your grandma is sitting in the house but you have a strong urge to suck your mans dick. Mar 18,  · Leo Benedictus: Confused about sex? The internet can offer advice, reassurance and information. For everything else, there is the Urban Dictionary and its treasure trove of sexual slang.
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  • A Word used to describe a person who constantly goes to drink, smoke, and/or fornicate, etc. in the Sigmund Stern Grove, in San Francisco, CA, more commonly referred to as "The Grove" to local private high-schoolers. This person lives and breathes The Grove.
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