Which sex and the city character are you buzzfeed in Georgia

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If you were working at a restaurant, what position would best suit your personality? But can we really have a moment to discuss the show's issues? Repeat after me: "Chuck Bass is trash! They are usually ambitious and witty, but they can come across as overly idealistic and can even be unpredictable.

  • When Sex and the City was on TV, it gave viewers fashion, friendship, and fun, and years later, it is still a dramatic and hilarious series that fans love revisiting and rewatching. And true fans have surely wondered: Which character am I most like?
  • Take this personality quiz and you'll know once and for all. Posted on May 15,
  • When HBO first premiered the Sex and the City series, no one could have anticipated the cultural phenomenon that would occur around the show. The series gave rise to the careers of all of the main cast members and it also was far more than just a show about four women navigating through complicated love lives.
  • Her name is the dreaded result at the end of a Buzzfeed personality quiz. No one wants to be the Miranda.
  • The quiz you've been waiting for. Let's find your partner.
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Which sex and the city character are you buzzfeed in Georgia

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